The Rise of Smart Kitchen Gadgets


Because we all want simpler and better lives, things now have become smarter. It is said that the next “in” thing will be the internet of things (IoT). But while we’re not there yet, here are some gadgets that might make your kitchen a little smarter:


You won’t need another magnet on your fridge anymore with this. Triby is a smart bluetooth speaker with a small e-ink screen. The back is magnetic so you can stick it to your fridge. It has buttons that will call an assigned contact or activate the radio or a Spotify playlist. Just like Siri, you can ask it too and it will respond with the information that you want. The tiny screen shows the current time, weather and a doodle note for everyone to see. It’s definitely nifty gadget to assist and entertain you while you’re cooking.

Smarter Coffee

This thing will wake you up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Smarter Coffee is the next generation coffee machine for your home. You can set it to brew coffee at the time that you like. It will even ask you if you want coffee the moment you come home. You can also control the strength of the coffee to your liking. All of these can be done through your smartphone. P.S. There’s a kettle version!


Tired of tracking your calories manually? The SmartPlate will do it for you. It has three tiny cameras and sensors to weigh the food you put on it.  You’ll instantly know how many calories you will be eating! And when you’re over your limit, the app will alert you. Staying on track with your fitness goals has never been this easy!


As the witty name says it, Pantelligent is indeed an intelligent pan. Aside from being stainless and non-stick, this pan has sensors to tell you when to flip or add ingredients based on its temperature. It can also tell you when the heat is too high – there’s an add-on that will control your electric stove automatically. Now you never have to worry about burning your dinner.

Food brands can make their content more accessible through these smart gadgets. The Smart Speaker can tell you what to do as you cook and be notified when it is the right time to flip or stir. And while you’re busy doing that, your coffee will brew on its own just in time you finish cooking. The Smart Plate, meanwhile, will tell you the right portions per serving so you keep the whole family healthy!

Pretty cool right? The future is so bright, even our kitchen will be gleaming with these shiny gadgets.


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