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I’ve had the privilege to work on Mommy brands for a good few years now, but I have to say it really does feel different handling these brands now that I’m a mom myself.

I found myself bawling my eyes out seeing these two films – both as a mom and as a Planner.

The Truth About Your Child’s First Birthday

What a milestone. I remember reaching this point in my life as a mom and feeling amazed at the past year, how my child has grown from this little dot inside my womb to this wobbling little person learning to walk. In this film, Pampers made me realize that there’s more to celebrate about my child’s first birthday. Watch the video with subtitles and sit back for that one sentence in the end.

Raising Strong Kids

I remember writing down “Raise a Child with Grit” as a parenting goal in my journal. I remember listing down activities that will help me cultivate this trait and mold my son into someone who can weather the storms in his life. But this film reminded me that parents are the primary source of a child’s strength. Though written for moms of children who join the Olympic Games, this holds true for any parent and child relationship.

Thought Starters for Brands:

  1. What is your brand’s point of view on parenting? The films above had a strong, clear point of view, which also perfectly represents the role of the brand in the life of the parent.
  2. What other parenting or motherhood milestone should your brand champion? Why would championing this milestone benefit the brand? Pampers zoomed in to the child’s first birthday – fitting as well because moms tend to downgrade to more affordable brands after the first birthday, because they think their child’s skin isn’t as delicate anymore.






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