Baby and Breakfast: Where Parties Meet Pinterest

Planning a party? Pinterest has been the go-to-partner of moms when it comes to DIY parties; where pinning pegs and creating boards make it easier for moms to visualize and organize celebrations. Not only does it create a new behavior among moms (and everybody else) by simplifying some DIY crafts and recipes, but it continuously builds a platform where people can get inspirations from.

From the same curators of Bride and Breakfast, here comes a new curated site to bring to life that thematic birthday moms have been creating mood boards for. I’d like to call it: an evidence of what beauty Pinterest can do! It’s a venue where they can appreciate some amazing parties thrown today by other moms. It’s also a place to discover some of the country’s party suppliers out there.


Thought Starters for Brands:

  1. Pinterest has become the standard bearer of all-things-visual. How can we learn from the structure of Pinterest when it comes to our own content?
  2. Now that we have start-up hubs to feature ordinary moms and their creations, it is a way to show our consumers that there is a venue to empower them in a simple way. How can we use this learning to build our relationship with our consumers?
  3. How can Influencers impact our business, and how do they build credibility among brands?

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