Happy Meow-ther’s Day: An Ode To Raising Furry Children


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which is why it is important to note that in modern times, “motherhood” – defined as the state or experience of having and raising a child – doesn’t only apply to the journey of having a human offspring. With globalization and the rising trend known as “pet humanization”, motherhood is something that is increasingly being associated with raising a pet, or as we say in our local cat community, “meowtherhood”. Of course, raising a human child has major differences with raising a furry child, but at the heart of both activities lies the instinctive goal of nurturing a being with tender loving care.

Just like how you raise a child, raising a pet requires a “paw-rent” to provide for its physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs.  Basic physical needs include food, water, shelter, exercise, and proper veterinary care. Emotional needs include attention, affection, and communication. Intellectual stimulation would require toys, activities, and for select species, professional training (or as we say in terms of human children, education). Meanwhile, addressing social growth means bringing pets outside so they get exposed to other humans and pets, participating in pet events, and for most paw-rents, bringing in a second or a third furry child (because hey, even in the pet world, having siblings significantly improves behavioral development).

Proper pet paw-renting is hard work. Which is why this Mother’s Day, it would also be great for brands to honour the women who have dedicated their lives to raising furry children.

Local pet care brands under Nestle like ALPO Philippines and PURINA Philippines, on the other hand, treat everyday as Meow-ther’s Day.

ALPO PDDA 1.PNG   PURINA LessonsFromPets 1.PNG

They have celebrated this unique bond between paw-rent and pet via different types of campaigns and initiatives throughout the year, showing us that any time is the perfect time to honor the wonderful relationships that we paw-rents have with our pets.

ALPO mama 1.PNG  PURINA PuspinsOfMeownila1.PNG


Image source: ALPO Philippines and PURINA Philippines on Facebook

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