“Where to next, Mommy?”

“Saan na tayo kakain?” would be the perpetual question couples would ask each other every time they plan on heading out for dinner. However, the game changes when a child comes in – “saan na tayo kakain?” becomes “Saan na tayo kakain na pwede kasama si baby?”. As they say, having a child changes everything. There is a shift from finding the newest it dating places in town to looking for activities every member of the family can enjoy. In fact, researching for such can be so time – and tab – consuming that planning for your next fun #fambam get-together isn’t at all fun anymore.

Thankfully, an app called Mommy Nearest is here to the rescue. Similar to that of our token restaurant finders like Zomato and Looloo, Mommy Nearest churns out kid-friendly places based on one’s location. Users get access to exclusive perks and discounts from nearby partner establishments, allowing mommies to come up with an exciting family activity on the fly. Having everything centralized into one main platform saves up time, effort, and yes – tabs!

Mommy Nearest on mobile

Its only disadvantage, however, is that Mommy Nearest isn’t available in the local market yet (boohoo!). With the plethora of kid-friendly establishments and events popping up here in the metro and the Pinay mom’s increasing tech-savviness, it can be said that the Philippines proves to be a highly penetrable market for apps such as Mommy Nearest. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, you can check out Mommy Nearest’s site to see how they tailor fit places and activities based on one’s location.

Thought Starters for Brands:

  • What can brands learn from Mommy Nearest? Do online directories serve as a gateway for them to be more accessible for their target consumers?
  • How can brands wrap experiences around their products by utilizing such a platform?
  • Moreover, can brands effectively transition from being product-centric to experience/meaning-based?



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Featured photo source: Lonely Brand

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