Facebook Live – An Interactive and Exciting Way to Connect with Our Social Communities on Facebook


Social video marketing has been on the rise for a while now. Everyday, Filipinos consume over a million hours of YouTube videos while Facebook native videos result in the highest engagement numbers for brands.

As more and more brands jump in on this content format, we need a way to keep online audiences excited and engaged.

Enter Facebook Live.

Live stream on the World’s Biggest Social Platform

Streaming a video to a live audience is not new. Periscope was one of the first to execute this well on the social media age. What differentiates live video on Facebook is the unique characteristic of said social platform for the Filipino audience:

  • It is the social platform with the highest penetration among connected Filipinos, over 45 million of them.
  • According to Facebook itself, the Philippines is the website’s top traffic source globally.
  • As a mobile social platform, about 20 million Filipinos access their Facebook accounts on the go.
  • Facebook access is readily offered in plan bundles by the two major telecoms.

These all conspire to make Facebook Live an exciting way for brands to connect with their audiences, especially in a market where “the Internet” almost equates to “Facebook.”

Facebook Live is an opportunity for a brand to treat its social community to a live show.

Opportunities for Filipino Brands

There are four main ways we can integrate Facebook Live into our always-on social content, notably with the ever-decreasing attention spans of online, always connected consumers.

  1. Entertain on the go. Effective communication to Filipino audiences on digital means either making them laugh or making them cry. We love our entertainment, performances, and theatrics – evidenced by top effective content types on social media. Facebook Live is an opportunity for a brand to treat its social community to a live show, even when its community is mobile. It’s like watching an exciting live TV show, only without needing to be tied down to the sofa at home!
  2. Establish thematic authority. It’s every brand’s job to play a meaningful role in its consumers’ lives – a virtue not always readily visible on social. It could be live interviews to build a reputation as the Millennial Mom’s child-raising buddy, or regular live tours of a facility, factory, or even vehicles to create an atmosphere of transparency and honesty. Brands can also build up hype before every live video through boosted and targeted announcement posts!
  3. Engage in true real-time communication. By now, socially devoted brands know exactly how to respond to consumers, but there’s just something incomplete about talking to letters and emoji icons. Live reactions to a topic being discussed on Facebook Live help the host adjust content on the fly, and address individual community members by name in front of other consumers. This could spur the watching crowd to join in the conversations for a truly rich two-way experience.
  4. Enhance and enrich relationship with the social community. Social works for brands because it allows them to build a relationship with consumers through a relatable brand persona, a casual way of communicating, and community-oriented content. With live content available on their social platform of choice, consumers should be allowed to peek into what’s going on behind the scenes: a product or endorser shoot, for example, or a Q&A session with a creative team, and even the CEO!

With the intricacies of differing categories and industries, no usage strategy of Facebook Live will fit all. One thing to keep in mind though – never before have we had this golden opportunity to be legitimately with millions of Filipino consumers on the social platform many of them spend almost every connected hour on, wherever they may be.


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