Prototyping the Future, Together

We’ve recently been developing the capability to conduct two big things for brands: the Innovation Workshop and Tech Date. In the past 3 months, we networked with local startups, built a team, road tested the framework and received support from the Global Teams to conduct these two events in the Philippines. Innovation Workshop Conducted for…

A Place for Dads Online

Google is a first time dad’s version of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” You can approach it anytime, ask any question, and it will helpfully provide the info you need the moment you need it. “In their moments of need, dads across APAC are turning to their mobiles for information and advice—anything to help during those…

All the Feels

A mom’s take on the most powerful truths featured in Mother’s Day Films

Wearable Care

Diagnostic tools to help parents manage their child’s health and well being

Tech Together

Virtual Reality brings parents and children together for a bedtime story