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The Changing Role of Filipino Fathers in Local Pop Culture

BEFORE, FILIPINO FATHERS WERE ONLY SEEN AS EITHER AN AUTHORITY IN THE HOUSEHOLD OR THE LAZY PARTNER This was seen in how local media would portray the different father figures present in their TV shows and films. Much has changed in the portrayal of fathers in local media. From the bumbling, good-natured father, to the…

Back-to-School Trends for the Digitally-connected Parent

When we were kids, we got excited over new books, new notebooks, a Trapper Keeper,  and even fine point tech pens. Fast forward decades later, the same excitement for the start of school year still applies. But this time, digital school goodies emerge   as the new must haves. Check out these tools and trends that…

All the Feels

A mom’s take on the most powerful truths featured in Mother’s Day Films