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Tech Together: VR Takes Bedtime Story Bonding to the Next Level

More and more parents find themselves unable to bond with their kids during bedtime due to work demands.

With the help of Samsung’s VR technology, being physically away from one’s kids shouldn’t stop a parent from having quality time with them.

Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories provides a modern take, an antithesis to the idea that tech is the enemy. By doing so, it helps moms navigate this new world of parenting. Samsung reassures parents that technology can strengthen bonds and bring them closer to their kids, even when they’re far apart.

Thought Starters for Brands:

  • How can technology enhance the connection between parent and child?
  • What does your brand champion that technology can help parents and kids experience in real life?
  • How can your product become a tool to foster bonding between parents and their children?

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