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Educational apps have always been a mom’s smartphone staple. With everyone claiming they can turn your little one into an Einstein, we don’t really know which ones to choose and install. We formulate checklists in our heads – will it make my kid smarter? Will it allow him to continually be in awe of the wonders of learning? Will it help him become a responsible Filipino citizen in the future?

Lucky for you, we’ve stumbled across three apps which do all of the above – they’re engaging, educational, and yes, proudly Filipino made.

Batibot TV

Image source: Google Play Store

Your childhood favorite can be your child’s favorite as well! The much loved children’s show Batibot makes its way to the smartphone by providing various episodes your child can watch on your device offline. It makes learning your ABCs and 123s even more fun with its accompanying app, Batibot Games, which serves as a more interactive learning platform.

Halina’t Bumasa

Halina’t Bumasa makes use of an interactive approach to help kids identify the different parts of the body in English, Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilonggo. It makes use of phonetic exercises and repetition in order for the child to better retain the words being taught. The situations used in Halina’t Bumasa also serve as an introduction to Filipino customs and culture. More lessons are to be integrated into the app such as Bahay Kubo and Pasko ng Pilipino.


Local music icon Vin Dancel is the creative genius behind Joomajam, an app that teaches kids basic concepts in math, reading, science and art through music. What makes this app even cooler is that a number of renowned OPM artists like Barbie Almalbis and Brigada lent a hand – or voice, rather – to bring these lessons to life. The animated music videos used come in English and Tagalog, and more (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Bahasa) are set to roll out in the near future. Joomajam has been recognized internationally, placing as a semi-finalist in The 2016 Tech-I Global Pitch Competition held in Silicon Valley. Now that totally rocks!

Thought Starters for Brands:

  • How can brands strengthen their affinity with moms through educational apps?
  • Alternatively, can brands strengthen their affinity with the kids?
  • You don’t have to start at all from scratch – brands can partner with these existing apps to educate kids about a certain cause or advocacy brands care about. Food brands can teach the importance of eating healthy and consuming a well-balanced diet.


Photo Source: The Philippine Online Chronicles

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