The Making of (Great) Mother’s Day Social Content


What separates great Mother’s Day content from the not-so-great ones?

Calendar milestones are content gold mines for brands, big and small. In the Philippines, few come close in significance or attracting branded content than Mother’s Day. It’s predictable a year ahead of the fact, and virtually everyone can relate to it. However, Mother’s Day social content face numerous challenges, from massive saturation (because way too many brands are doing it) to the unfortunate upsurge of ‘wallpaper marketing’ (when content begin to sound, look, and feel the same).

In the vast ocean of Mother’s Day social content, let’s break down what makes the great ones stand out, and what we can learn from the poorly made or executed ones.

It empowers the social community to create their own versions of the original content. Engaging Mother’s Day social content almost urges the viewer to participate, to contribute to the online conversations through their own content. Biogesic’s “Ingat na Damang Dama Para Kay Mama” did this well, with the hero video content illustrating that many of our local words of affection and love have variations of the word ‘mother’ (ex. ‘mama’ in ‘mahal’; ‘ina’ in ‘inaangat’) embedded in them, or are the words’ origins. This empowered the Biogesic social community to create their own tributes to their mothers using adaptations of ‘mother’ – staying true to the campaign’s and the brand’s soul.

Nido’s “For Our #1 Lolas” is another great example of evoking reactions from its social community, as its audience – mothers and non-mothers alike – expressed through comments, shares, and status updates just how much their mothers’ parenting and love changed them for the better.

It reveals the (faithful representation of) ‘behind-the-scenes’ events. The problem with many calendar milestone content is that they are rarely relatable in the “IRL” (in real life) sense; perfect kitchens, perfect families (we’ve seen it: two parents, one son, and one daughter), and perfect conclusions to the story with everyone happy. The thing is, the audience on social are rarely from or in perfect situations and may find perfect-world content irrelevant at best, and patronizing at worst. Chuckie’s “Buddy” hero video’s success can be attributed to how it went against the grain; it shows, honestly, what mothers go through for their children without being sappy and overly fixed or perfect. It shows actual bonding moments that happen between parent and child – not a glorified, idealistic, and ultimately fictional world.

This is in sharp contrast with P&G’s “Moments of Joy”, a clean, almost sterile social experiment video that was emotional at times, but hardly warm and relatable.

Calendar milestones, especially emotionally important ones, should never be celebrated with blatant purchase offers. What this essentially tells the social community is that, “My brand’s business is more important than your feelings”. Motorola’s “$70 Discount for Mother’s Day” is not only lacking in creativity, it’s also borderline lazy and meaningless; a promo that could have happened at any time anyway, but conveniently slotted in to ‘fit’ an important calendar milestone.

The formula, at least on paper, is relatively easy. Social content for Mother’s Day that has a meaningful message from the brand and for the consumer must be empowering, enabling the story to scale and spread, and grounded in truth and reality, enabling the message to strike its recipients deeply. It must never be anchored in shallow, surface-level executions that create neither meaningfulness nor relevance for either brand or its social audience.



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Featured Photo Source: Adweek

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