Coming of Age in the Digital Age

There’s a special kind of charm coming of age stories bring – perhaps it’s seeing the awkwardness of interaction among peers, or exaggerated exchanges between parent and kid; but, regardless of what we see, we can be certain that such narratives hold a special place in our hearts. They’re all RELATABLE. We’ve all been through that uncomfortable phase bridging childhood and adulthood, making coming of age stories all the more endearing.

They have been depicted in books and on screen countless times, but Pearl, a short animated film from Google’s Spotlight Stories, provides a refreshing take on how stories are typically told. The short takes place in an old hatchback, and it focuses on the lives of a father and his daughter and how they change through time. Set against a soothing folk soundtrack, Pearl takes us on an emotional and heartwarming journey through the different life stages the characters find themselves in.

What sets Pearl apart from all other father-daughter coming of age films is its format – it makes use of YouTube’s 360° Video feature (and if the user’s device is VR (virtual reality)-compatible, it can be viewed through a headset or Google’s own Cardboard). It also makes use of 3D sound (best used with earphones) to make the viewing experience even more immersive. Not only are you a spectator in the story of the father-and-daughter tandem in Pearl, but you are there with them – making you part of the story as well.

VR has greatly changed the tech game, making everything seem to be within arm’s reach. It allows us to be transported to different environments, allowing us to see places or interact with objects we never thought would be possible in the first place. It, most definitely, has added another dimension to storytelling.

You can view other immersive videos from the Spotlight Stories here:
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Thought-starters for Brands:

  • How can VR transform the interactions between the brand and the consumer?
  • Can VR be utilized to make Hero pieces more effective in relaying the brand’s message?
  • How can VR make the brand more meaningful to the consumer?

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