Prototyping the Future, Together


We’ve recently been developing the capability to conduct two big things for brands: the Innovation Workshop and Tech Date.

In the past 3 months, we networked with local startups, built a team, road tested the framework and received support from the Global Teams to conduct these two events in the Philippines.

Innovation Workshop

Conducted for brands in different parts of the world, the Innovation Workshop is a 2 Day sprint that starts with a problem/opportunity statement and ends with a prototype. This works well for brands who have a set of specific problems they want to tackle over the course of 2 days.

Tech Date

Tech Data is an event that brings together startups, experts, and thought leaders to provide solutions and ideas to brands. It opens up discussions on collaboration, co-creation between brands and existing solutions to make new ones.

Learn more about these events from Geia Lopez, Head of Marketing Solutions and Experience Planning, McCann Worldgroup.

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