Marketing to Dads:What Does Uncovering The Truth About Filipino Dads Mean For Brands?

In the Philippines, fathers are not usually the ones marketers consider to be the purchase decision makers of the household but with their changing roles, there is an opportunity to communicate to them as well. More and more fathers are becoming involved with the upbringing of their child and have started to play a role in these decisions.

Here are 3 things brands can keep in mind when communicating to dads:

  1. Brands can support dads as both an individual and a consumer.

Dads love being dads and this is something worth recognizing by brands. They have other roles outside of the traditional image of provider and disciplinarians that they still see themselves in. They are playmates, teachers, and travel companions.

Brands could also support their dreams as fathers and offer solutions to help them with the challenges that they face.

Thought-starter for brands: Could brands encourage Filipino fathers to do more as their roles expand?

  1. When it comes to conversations around raising children, include dads.

Filipino fathers are becoming more and more involved with the upbringing of their children and one of the challenges they face is not having enough time to spend with their kids. This is something brands can help them with. They can help Filipino father find time to spend with their children.

Whether their children need consoling or a pep talk to help their self-esteem, Filipino fathers always want to serve as good examples for their children. They want to show their sons how to be a gentleman and show their daughters how they should be treated by a man. Brands can find ways to help dads become the best example to their children they can be.

Thought-starter for brands: Given this behavior of Filipino dads, in what other meaningful ways can brands engage them to share valuable information on parenting and family life?

  1. Remember to consider dads as influencers in purchases made for the family.

There are certain purchase decisions that Filipino dads make especially when it comes to a family’s leisure time. Weekend activities, where to go on vacation, and even what movie or television program to watch are just some of the decisions dads make for the family. Brands that are in the spaces of leisure can take advantage of this and brands that want to communicate to dads can take note of these decisions dads make.

Thought-starter for brands: Given the different purchase decisions they influence, how can brands help dads create unforgettable bonding experiences with their kids?

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