A Place for Dads Online

Google is a first time dad’s version of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” You can approach it anytime, ask any question, and it will helpfully provide the info you need the moment you need it. “In their moments of need, dads across APAC are turning to their mobiles for information and advice—anything to help during those…

UX for Kids: Designing User Experiences for Children

Designing UX for kids is a challenging exercise. Interfaces have to be fun, entertaining and easily understandable. This article talks about some things to keep in mind when designing user experiences for children.

3 Truths You Need to Know about Filipino Moms

Moms have always found a way to rule our lives. And with the ever-evolving realities that include a more globalized world, a hyper-connected society, and a younger population (at least here in the Philippines), we’re seeing major shifts in the way Filipino moms see themselves and the world around them. Here are some sneak peeks based on…

“Where to next, Mommy?”

Mommy Nearest, an app by a New York-based startup of the same name, helps parents scout for kid-friendly places and activities nearby with a simple tap.